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Chestnut horse trotting at Dressage at Devon horse show

Private Client Coverage

Competition Coverage

all of your images in and out of the ring

traditional horse show shots in the ring

option 1

Competition Coverage

traditional horse show shots in the ring

Ensure coverage and select your images after the show

Choose your package for each horse:

$150 - 10 Social Media Digital Images

$250 - 20 Social Media Digital Images

Discounts available for multiple horses.

Images will be uploaded to the 2022 Dressage at Devon online gallery for selection no later than October 9th.

Want High Resolution images? Consider becoming a Private Client! Read more below or contact me.

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Option 2

Private Client Coverage

all of your images in and out of the ring

What is private client photography at a horse show?

Horse show photography is not a requirement. But when the show is over, after all of your hard work, what will you have left? If things went well, a ribbon or two. And the photos.

Taking private clients allows me to capture more of your horse show experience beyond the few minutes you spend in the arena.

I can catch those quiet moments in the warm-up and those last words of encouragement from your trainer. When you leave the ring, coverage doesn't stop as it would with an Official Photographer. I can continue to document the full story of your horse show experience.

While clients competing in the show rings will always have priority, I will stay with you as long as scheduling allows. Read the FAQ on coverage below.

Enjoy your own personal paparazzi

Become a Private Client

Each option includes all of your High Resolution Digital Images for both sharing on social media and printing for one horse/rider combination. It includes images in the rings as well as warm-ups and candids as scheduling allows. Read the full FAQ on coverage below.

$500 - all High Resolution Digital Images with print release.

One horse/rider pair. Discounts available for multiple horses.

Coverage will include multiple days, warm-ups, awards, and candids as scheduling allows.

Priority image delivery - all images uploaded to your private online gallery within 3 days of show's end - by October 5.

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